Naturally Australia's Woman of the Week is Frida Carswell

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Frida BWFrida's girlfriends in Sydney has nominated her for #NAWoman of the Week.

Frida Carswell is a such an inspiration to us all. Frida is the ultimate strong 'Viking Mother' (Swedish born). She is a dedicated doctor, wife and mother of 3 gorgeous girls. Frida is the most down to earth person in the world. She is completely non-judgmental and accepts everyone for who they truly are. She loves you for you.

Frida loves to travel and have fun and she never let's 'obstacles' keep her from doing just that, together with her family and friends. She is a fearless globetrotter and it shows in her daughters too. They are already strong, confident and beautiful little girls. And speaking of being fearless, Frida gave birth to her second daughter at home completely natural without hesitation and tried to do so with her youngest too, but her little bundle was to eager to see the world so she gave birth whilst working a shift at the hospital :).

Frida has a very busy schedule working as a doctor, whilst training to become an obstetrician, but she never let's herself get stressed or overwhelmed. She doesn’t let things get to her, she just smiles and carries on. 

Frida is someone we revere and is held in such high esteem. We admire her greatly for her guidance as a never changing positive friend and role model.

We love you dearly.

Your girls xxx

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