In the summertime, when the weather is fine…

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But who says you can’t enjoy the outdoors all year round?

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Here are our 10 favourite activitiesthat Naturally will bring into autumn.

1. Gone surfin’
It’s physical, relaxing and mind-blowingly fun! Surfing is our favourite way to stay active any time of the year – we love the combination of a muscle workout, balancing act and mindfulness exercise all in one. Wear a wettie to keep yourself warm in and out of the water.

2. Snap away
Love taking pictures? Autumn is the perfect time to capture life’s wonders – like the way the sun sets over a hill covered in red, orange and yellow trees… Get out there!

3. Pick it!

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Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean your body doesn’t want fresh fruit – or fresh air! Get both by picking your own fruit at one of the Pick Your Own fruit farms across Australia. Check out and enjoy the fruits of your labour – literally!

4. Hit the hiking trails
Australia is blessed with countless hiking tracks. Whether you’re a Sydneysider, Melburnian or Brisbanite, pack your bag and get outdoors to explore the natural wonders of your local national park.

5. Dust off your racquet
Remember how much fun you had playing tennis as a kid? Having a hit with your mates during the cooler months is so much more pleasant than sweating it out in summer. ‘Nuff said. Just do it!

6. Get on your bike

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Instead of being stuck in traffic, get those wheels spinning! Less stress, cramped spaces and pollution; more savings, fresh air and free exercise. Do you need another reason?

7. Dive in
Swimming is one of the best all-round forms of exercise – so grab your goggles and dive in! The ocean stays warm well into winter – and as an added bonus, the beach visits will make you think of 2013 as the year of the never-ending summer…

8. Time out!
Busy start to the year? Set aside some time to relax to help your body and nervous system settle. And remember, sometimes the best way to help your mind relax is doing something active, like gardening, going for a walk or playing sports.

9. Star gaze

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On a clear night, bring a little blanket and lay down in your backyard or park and rediscover the Milky Way. Breathe, reflect and appreciate just how nice it feels to be right here, right now.

10. Pucker up

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Yes, you read that right. Kiss a lot this year – it’s a great way to bond, boost your self-esteem, give 30 face muscles a workout and relieve stress. Oh, and researchers have found that if you kiss your partner goodbye every morning, you may even live longer than those who don’t. So kiss more, doctor’s orders!