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5 yoga moves to feel energised in the morning

Tired in the morning? Put the coffee on hold and try some yoga instead! Not only does it sharpen your focus and increase your oxygen intake to make you feel more alert, morning yoga also stretches your muscles, refreshes your mind and rejuvenates your body so you’re ready for the day ahead.

Here, Yoga teacher Jane Vasey from Kaya Health Clubs in Melbourne shares her five favourite yoga moves to get the body going in the morning. 

Salute the sun
The sun salutation pose takes your body through a range of movements, stimulating the cardiovascular system and gets your breathing and body moving.


 Plank pose
Holding the plank for 5 breaths rather than using it as a transition pose is an excellent way to build heat in the body through strengthening the upper body and core.

Hand to big toe pose
Wake up your hamstrings after a big sleep with this move. Keep a long spine as you descend into the posture and stay for 5 long breaths, keeping a gentle bend in the knees to feel the stretch in the belly of the muscle.

Camel Pose
Greet the day with this pose! Working a back bend into your morning routine is the perfect way to energise. It extends your spine and opens the chest and heart area, waking you up and letting you feel light and bright and full of energy.

Feel like stimulating your digestive system? The twist position is a great way to stimulate the digestive system early in the day by compressing the internal organs against the abdominal cavity and giving them a nice gentle squeeze. You can do the twist seated, or for a more gentle variation, lay down on your back.

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