Dance, baby, dance!

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5 reasons to dance as if no one is watching

1 Boost your memory and cognitive functions! A study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that teaching the cha-cha to a small group of older adults twice a week for six months was enough to improve their memory and cognitive function. 

2 Integrate your brain functions! Dancing increases your neural connectivity by integrating your kinesthetic, rational, musical and emotional senses.

3 Prevent dementia! Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that ballroom dancing at least twice a week made people less likely to develop dementia.

4 Crack a smile! Swedish researchers, writing in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, studied 112 teenage girls struggling with neck and back pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Half of the girls attended weekly dance classes, while the other half didn’t. The results? The girls who took the dance classes improved their mental health and reported a boost in mood – and the positive effects lasted up to eight months after the classes ended!

5 Enhance overall health! A Scottish government study found that people who danced for fun – even just one time in the past year – were 62 percent more likely to report being in good health. 

Naturally tip!
Get your booty shaking – and don’t limit yourself to the dance floor! Have a little boogie in the living room, get that rhythm going in the kitchen while cooking…or why not copy Hugh Grant’s infamous dance moves from Love Actually? Crank up the volume of The Pointer Sisters, and just… Jump, for my love!