Learning from the Professsionals

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Tennis, cricket, rugby union, rugby league, soccer, netball. Whatever competition you follow, the 2012 sporting calendar is jam-packed. It is also the Olympic year, guaranteed to provide many riveting moments, surprising wins and heartbreaking losses.

While the majority of us can only dream of competing at the level of our sports stars, Wallabies coach and Thompson’s brand ambassador Robbie Deans says there is a lot to learn from these elite athletes and thateveryone can use their performances as inspiration to get active and healthy.

Stretch yourself to be your best

“It sounds like a cliché”, says Robbie, “but one thing we can all learn from watching tournaments like the Rugby World Cup is that winning isn’t everything. Sure we’re all striving for glory and we’d do anything to win, but there’s no shame in coming second, third or even right at the bottom of the ladder if you’ve pushed yourself to play better than you ever have before”.

Your health and fitness are like that too. No matter where you’re at now, there’s bound to be a way you can push things to the next level. And every time you do you won’t just feel better today, you’ll also be setting yourself up for a better future.


Don’t let setbacks deter you

Whether you’re cleaning up your diet, improving your fitness or giving your attitude a shake-up, it sometimes seems that as soon as you start implementing changes you hit some kind of stumbling block.

Again, Robbie suggests we look to the rugby field for inspiration. “Whether you’ve tripped over your own shoelace or been pummelled by the opposition’s front row the result is always the same: you’ve ended up on the ground. Unless you’ve seriously injured yourself, your response should always be the same too: get up, dust yourself off, and get back in the game.”

Get a game plan for a healthier you

A professional athlete would never approach a tournament like the World Cup without a very solid game plan, and Robbie suggests you approach your health goals the same way. That’s why he worked with Thompson’s to develop six game plans to help people work towards their own specific goals.

Each of the free game plans includes dietary and lifestyle advice to help address people’s most common health concerns, a diary to help you track your progress, and inspiring coaching tips from Robbie himself.

To get a game plan for a healthier you visit

“If you watch the Wallabies or any other professional sporting team, you’ll notice they celebrate every tiny milestone on the way to the victory they’re ultimately striving for. The players greet every try that’s scored and every goal that’s kicked with hugs and high-fives. With every little victory, they become more confident of their chances of holding up the trophy at the end of the game. That’s the secret to getting and staying pumped in your personal game plan too.” – Words of wisdom from international coach Australian Rugby Union Coach and Thompson’s Brand Ambassador Robbie Deans.