10 reasons to Choose Organic

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Here are top 10 reasons to go organic from the not-for-profit Group Australian Organic. Have a read, think it through, and come join the organic revolution!

1 It’s good for you
Did you know that the average Australian consumes 2 kilos of food additives each year? Many of these are associated with food intolerances, behaviour and learning difficulties for children. Organic food averages 25 percent more nutritional value and contains about one-third more cancer-fighting antioxidants than non-organic foods.

2 It’s good for your children
From the womb to adolescence, your child will benefit from organics. Exposure to insecticides and herbicides during pregnancy and infancy can impact on a child’s foetal and cognitive development. Exposure to pesticides can also interfere with normal hormone development, potentially causing low sperm count in boys and an early onset of puberty in girls.

3 It’s good for farm animals
Buy organic and you are saying ‘yes’ to a more humane treatment of farm animals and saying ‘no’ to the use of growth hormones, antibiotics and drugs/foods that genetically modify livestock.

4 It’s good for agriculture
Emissions from the agricultural sector (fertilisers and crop residues) are the second-highest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. Organic standards prohibit the use of nitrogen fertilisers, which lowers emissions and provides economic and environmental benefits. Land that is organically farmed is also more resilient to drought. 

5 It’s good for the environment
Over 29,500 tonnes of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators are used each year in Australia. Buying organics will reduce this and help the environment. If only 1000 medium-sized farms converted to organic production, the carbon stored in the soil would be equivalent to taking 117,440 cars off the road each year.

6 It’s good for native habitats
Organic farming significantly supports biodiversity, with up to 50 percent more plant, insect and bird life found on organic farms. This helps to protect native habitats and endangered flora and fauna.  

7 It’s good for the industry
When you buy organic products, you’re placing a demand on the industry and community to support the growth of the organic industry from growers through to retailers. And if you insist on only purchasing products with organic certification (the Bud logo), you will be encouraging more producers to promote the integrity of organic certification. 

8 It’s good for our water
Organic farming reduces the amount of chemical runoff and residues which are currently going into our drinking water, waterways and coastal areas.  

9 It’s good for our earth
Organic farming is based on land regeneration and will reduce the acidity levels present in topsoils on many agricultural properties. This will then create more productive cropping land.

10 It’s good for your taste buds
When you bite into something organic you can be sure the flavour is nothing but natural. It will look the way nature has designed it and taste the way it should – what can be better than that?