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“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” These are the wise words of Oprah Winfrey, and we want to know what brings YOUR passion into focus! Perhaps it’s the way you feel about your family… your health… or maybe it’s how you feel about how you earn a living! Naturally asked three inspirational women who took the plunge to share their insights with you.

Budding health entrepreneurs alert! Make 2014 the year to be courageous and take the leap you know you’ve always wanted to.
1. What are three things you wish someone told you when you were setting up your business?
2. If you could give one piece of advice to budding health entrepreneurs, what would it be?
3. W hat would you tell your younger self?

 Aimee Marks Owner at TOM Organic

When Aimee learnt about the impact that conventional feminine hygiene products have on our health and the planet, she did more than just take a stand: she founded TOM Organic. Five years later her organic range is stocked in major Australian supermarkets, and she was nominated for three Telstra Business Women Awards including the Young Business Women’s Award. Here is her advice for any others who’re about to embark on the path to entrepreneurship!

1. Challenges present themselves not to make things harder, but to push you for better solutions. “No” is never the end of the story.
2. Remember to celebrate the high points, even when there’s so much going on that you can barely take time to realize what’s happening.
3. Be resourceful even when you don’t have resources, challenge norms and know that creativity is key.

Aimee’s success speaks for itself, and her message is clear. Determination, innovation, resilience and stopping to smell the roses every now and again are important pieces of the start-up jigsaw puzzle. 

"Do what inspires you, and what you’re passionate about because ultimately that’s where you’re going to have the greatest impact, trust your gut and never compromise your values" 

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Tanya WeeksFounder & Director of Vicious Cycle Spin Studio, Bondi

Ever craved something so bad you just had to do it? That’s how it started for passionate indoor cyclist Tanya Weeks too. When she moved to Sydney a few years ago, she was on the hunt for an empowering stand-alone spin studio – without luck. Instead of settling for second best, she started daydreaming. Her vision was simple – to create the ultimate indoor cycle experience through the right balance of music, energy, technique and first class coaching – guaranteed to deliver results. And with this, Vicious Cycle was born. 

1. Insight is something nobody can give you – only time can deliver that, and you need to remember that everyone’s journey is different. If you believe in it, stick with your gut feeling. 
2. Capital is my biggest advice. But I am aware that if I had waited to raise more and not taken the risks that I did, Vicious Cycle may have looked very different today. All the hardships, the passion and the dark days have shaped the brand and the community.
3. There are a million things l would love to tell my younger self about going into business! But if l changed any one of those things, would l have created the brand that exists today? Remember that it’s all about the journey! Expect everything! It’s inevitable to experience downs, but the ups are so high it keeps you going with a smile!

"I took all the things I loved about being an indoor cyclist and combined them with the thing I love the most – music"

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Adele McConnellFounder of Vegie

“A place where saucy, tempting recipes live and my inspiring words touch hearts.” That’s Adele’s description of her website community and miles away from what she first found when she searched the internet for recipes as a new vegan. Instead of the tasty and powerful plant-based food she expected, she only found recipes based on soy or fake meats. And just like that, her empowering Vegie Head blog was born. Fast forward three years and Adele is self-employed with a global book launch on its way and a team of Vegie Head assistants behind her.

1. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. I’ve loved proving people wrong and showing them that passion can certainly lead them in the right direction. Your heart will never lead you astray.
2. Be original. Don’t limit yourself, your business or your content to what other people are doing. When I create, I go into ‘lockdown’ and unfollow, unsubscribe and go into a creative bubble. This way, I know my work isn’t a reflection of someone else’s. And say yes. I had three years of saying ‘YES!’ to everything, wholeheartedly. Only now am I saying ‘no’. But those “yes’s”… They took me to some amazing places.
3. Keep going. Don’t throw the towel in, no matter how hard it seems. Compiled by Samantha Cookson and Ingerlise Svaleng And never say no to an opportunity.

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