Playtime! Embrace your inner child

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Remember how carefree you were as a child, playing in the backyard for hours and hours? Do you sometimes wish you could turn back time and live young again? Get ready for this – you can! And you’ll be happy to hear that being playful and embracing your inner child is one of the best stress relievers around. As much fun as it is, play is serious business and just as important for our mental and physical health as good sleep, eating well and exercising. Join us in making 2014 the Year of Play!

Naturally challenge!
Incorporate 10 minutes playtime into your daily routine for four weeks – and keep a “play journal” where you write down your experiences. What impact does it have on your mood, outlook on life and how you approach the rest of the day?

Stuck with a problem at work?
Take some time out to play - it boosts your creativity and can actually improve your ability to solve problems!

"Making time to refresh yourself through play is one of the best things you can do for your career, relationships and overall sense of wellbeing. It also allows you to take a step back from issues you encounter during the day and return with a fresh perspective" 

Enjoy the rewards of playing like a kid again!
“Play is defined as anything we do for the sake of it. It’s about enjoying the pleasure of doing the task without focusing so much on the outcome. Playing is not only critical for the development of the brain but also its health, as play stimulates our pre frontal cortex, the part of the brain that controls executive function.”

These are the words of Dr. Adam Fraser, Evian Live Young expert and leading human performance researcher. These are his top 10 ways to live young:
1. Get some friends together, go to a toy store, buy some toys and have a play date. Think play dough, finger painting, water toys – all guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

2. Turn your favourite song up loud in the kitchen and dance to it. Let go of your inhibitions and just enjoy yourself without worrying about what others think.

3. Have a tickle fight. There’s no better way to ensure uncontrollable laughter that will leave a lasting smile on your (and your tickle-partners) face.

4. Jump up and down until you’re out of breath. It will release endorphins to make you feel great.

5. Build a cushion fort in your living room. Let your creative side guide you and revisit a hobby from your childhood that felt exciting and fun.

6. Play in the mud and don’t stress about the dirt. This carefree activity stops you from taking yourself too seriously and allows you to simply let loose without an afterthought. A great way to put things into perspective!

7. Have a pillow fight. A really fun way to recreate a much loved activity from your youth!

8. Draw a picture and don’t worry about how good it is. Just let your creative juices flow and don’t think about anyone else’s opinion other than your own. A great way to celebrate your individuality!

9. Race a colleague up the stairs. A simple – and quick – way to release endorphins and encourage a good office giggle.

10. Go to the park at lunch time and play on the swings. Effortless fun that indulges your inner child and lets you escape the stresses of daily life for a while.