Discover your aura

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Did you know that the aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body? Samantha Richards, a Personal and Spiritual Development Teacher and Healer, shares her insight into how you can discover your own aura and its relationship with your mental and physical health.

The aura consists of seven layers of subtle energy bodies that exist around the body, and each level pulsates at its own frequency. These layers are interconnected by the chakras, affecting one another and influencing your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Everything we think, do, or feel has an effect on our aura. It’s in a constant state of flux based on our mental and physical health – and is also affected by the energies in our environment. The aura is our electronic signature, and a state of imbalance in one energy body will result in instability in the others. 

Seeing Your Aura
This exercise takes practice, but if you’re lucky, you might immediately see something. The more you do it, the easier it will be for you to see the colours emanating from your body.

1. Stand in front of a mirror about a foot away with your legs spread about a shoulder width apart. Let your arms hang loosely by your sides. Ensure that you have a plain, pale wall behind you and that the light in the room is bright but not dazzling.

2. Look at the space just above your head and relax your eyes. Allowing your eyes to go slightly crossed will help them to relax. Remember to uncross them! 

3. Keep looking above your head. It may take a while, but you will see a hazy grey or white outline around your head. This may change to a shade of blue. This layer is the etheric body.

4. If you find that staring at the top of your head produces no results, look at the area just beside one of your ears. You may find that you begin to see a shape forming around that side of your body. You have just seen your aura!

5. Seeing your aura for the first time is very exciting. In your excitement, you may focus on the area where you saw the colours. It will immediately disappear. This is perfectly normal, and when you refocus you will be able to see it again. The key is to keep staring at one spot without getting distracted.

Colour clues
Did you notice different colours in your aura? There are many different interpretations of the different colours you see, and my advice is that you go with the one that resonates with you. And remember – it’s not only the colour that is important here! The location of colours in the aura provides additional information about what is happening.

Colour guide:
Red: Alludes to passion, being very active and always ‘on the go’ – but a deep red may mean you’re overactive and a dull red may mean ‘burnt out’! 

Pink: Can indicate a purity of intention and vitality.

Black: This may convey you’re in a state of real focus – you could be shielding yourself a little while you gain a sense of perspective.

Green: Green usually shows a strong sense of healing, harmony and even success. Dark green is especially good as it’s about prosperity and abundance!

Yellow: Your aura is telling you that you’re feeling confident, happy, cheerful and optimistic. 

Blue: Communication! It also describes calmness, tranquility, warmth, loyalty and contentment.

Samantha Richards is a Personal and Spiritual Development Teacher, Healer and Psychic Medium. She is also the author of Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown, available online from all good book retailers for $22.99 (RRP) or