Shake the tree

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“There’s so much craziness surrounding us that it’s a miracle any of us stays sane” says Chi Kung Master Stig Hansen. We met deep in the rainforests of Costa Rica where he practices his craft, living as one with nature. “And with all that bad energy, like your toxic thoughts and self doubt, other people’s bad stuff and negativity from the surroundings, you need to find a release.”

Here is his ultimate – and fun – daily ritual for how to take control of the energy around you: simply shake it off! 

♦ Find a spot where nobody can disturb you. It can be in your house, a quiet corner of your local park, a closed meeting room at work… the key is that it’s a space where you won’t be interrupted.

♦ Relax and loosen your knees, using the knees to bounce up and down, swinging from side to side. Get those arms moving too; swing and shake them as if you’re trying to get rid of something that’s stuck to you… yes, that’s right, throw that bad energy right off you. Shake it off!

♦ You can do this as quietly as you want, or as loudly and energetic as you want. Picture yourself as a tree swaying in the wind, with the air pulling the dead leaves and sticky insects off. Flick your fingers to get all the bad energy off, and for every breath you take, feel a sense of relief.

♦ Do this for 30 seconds, a minute, ten minutes – however long it takes to get a smile on your face and gain a sense of calm.

By Ingerlise Svaleng