5 tips for making positive changes in your life

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By Samantha Richards, Personal and Spiritual Development Teacher, Healer and Psychic Medium.

1 Meditation

Meditation leads to a state of consciousness that brings clarity, peace, contentment, and self-realisation. The act of meditating produces a stillness that enables the mind and the body to relax and rejuvenate. It teaches us to centre ourselves and gain an understanding of why we react as we do in certain situations, enabling us to discover ways to more effectively and efficiently deal with problems. Finding a meditation group and being taught how to still your mind is the best way to begin the act of meditation.

2 Self-observation

Begin paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. I call it becoming consciously aware of the unconscious, or conscious awareness of the known unknown. As you do this, your identification with yourself shifts from who you think you are to who you really are. It is extraordinary how the simple act of paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours allows you to see who you really are and what you need to modify or eliminate. The act of self-observation allows you to step back from yourself, enabling you to shift from the sense that your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours define who you are to a new view that permits you to understand that you are simply having those thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. They are passing emotional, mental, and physical responses that vary from moment to moment depending on the stimulus encountered.

Tell the truth!

When I say tell the truth, I mean to yourself. There are things you may have said or done in your life you are ashamed of, and never want to remember! Unfortunately, memories stick around for a lifetime! When you are completely honest with yourself, you will begin to sense a shift in your psyche; as if you are no longer burdened. The rewards of self-honesty pay dividends in the long run.


Accept yourself for who you are, including all those sides you do not particularly like. Self-acceptance lets you open your heart and mind to all possibilities around and within you. When you completely accept yourself, you realise you give yourself permission to live your life to the full. Ultimately, you offer yourself the greatest gift of all. Unconditional love.

Don’t let anyone belittle you

You have a right to live a peaceful and happy life without anyone else preventing you from achieving your goals. Self-empowerment comes from making conscious decisions as to how you would like your life to be. Realise that when another person belittles you, they are in fact demonstrating more about how they feel about themselves. The following quote from my book is a reminder that you’re not the vessel for other people’s feelings. “Anger and hatred directed toward another is not nurtured by the one to whom it’s aimed, but by the one feeling it.” 

Samantha Richards is a Personal and Spiritual Development Teacher, Healer and Psychic Medium. She is also the author of Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown, available online from all good book retailers for $22.99 (RRP), or for more information visit,

"As human beings we are constantly at the mercy of negative forces such as fear, anger, jealousy, doubt, worry, anxiety, and stress. These energies are like leeches – they take from us what they need, never giving back. When they are full, they rest for a short while, and we get a small taste of peace. But not for long! When they get hungry again, they begin feeding off our energy, taking our valuable life force, and the process starts over again. but you can control this!"