Breastfeeding Blues

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Breast milk is perfectly designed by nature to provide all your baby’s nutritional needs for the first six months of their lives. But it’s not always easy. While nine out of 10 Australian mothers start out breastfeeding, a quarter of them have stopped by the time their baby is one month.

This can be heartbreaking for new mums as they can feel that they’re failing their baby. “There is a misconception in the community that breastfeeding comes naturally, but there are many barriers to breastfeeding,” says Kate Mortensen, manager of the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s Lactation Resource Centre. “Breastfeeding is actually a learned skill and our poll [which found more than 90 per cent of breastfeeding mothers seek professional help] shows that the vast majority of mothers need help along the way.”

Breast milk benefits

  • Satisfies your baby’s hunger and thirst
  • Increases your baby’s resistance to infection and disease, and reduces the risk of allergy and food intolerance
  • Soothes a fussy baby
  • Helps create a close bond between you and your baby
  • Helps your uterus return to normal sooner after birth
  • It’s cheap!

TOP TIP! If you’re in need of some support and guidance, call the Breastfeeding Helpline on 1800 mum 2 mum (1800 686 268).