Hot, steamy and stingy

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Do you suffer from urinary tract infections (UTI)? A survey by Kidney Health Australia and The Cranberry Institute has revealed nearly half of Australian women are unaware of basic health recommendations that could help prevent UTI.

Snuggle up – but wee first!

Close to half of all Australian women are unaware that urinating immediately after sex can help prevent UTI, while a quarter of 25 to 29-year-old women who participated in the survey said the reason they don’t tiptoe to the loo immediately after sex is because they are too busy snuggling with their partners.

Sexologist Nikki Goldstein says one of the reasons why young women aren’t following recommendations to urinate immediately after sex is because often they aren’t educated about these measures.

“Most women find out about UTI prevention long after they have become sexually active. And when they do 
find out, many get their information from magazines and friends rather than their GP,” she explains.

Tips for reducing the risk of UTI:

  • Drink plenty of fluid, including a glass of cranberry juice each day
  • Urinate immediately after sex
  • Avoid spermicide products
  • Choose cotton underwear over nylon
  • Limit acidic foods, especially those that contain caffeine or alcohol

Y so embarrassed?

A national survey of 1,000 females aged 18 to 64 by Bayer has found that when it comes to dealing with women’s intimate health issues, Gen Y is actually more likely to be embarrassed than their mothers or grandmothers.

A whopping 87 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds are embarrassed when asking for advice or treatment for products such as thrush treatment, sanitary pads or lubricant in a pharmacy, compared to 66 per cent of 40 to 64-year-olds.

Another reason to love cranberries

Dr Tim Mathew, Medical Director of Kidney Health Australia, notes that along with urinating immediately after sex, cranberries have been shown to be effective in the prevention of UTIs for women prone to recurrent infections.

“Studies have shown that cranberries may be effective in UTI prevention as they contain unique compounds known as proanthocyanidins (PACs), which inhibit bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract wall,” said Dr Mathew.

Drink one glass a day!