Asher Keddie: How I stay healthy

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Australian actor Asher Keddie had a busy 2011, with a Logie award and new season of Offspring to promote, as well as becoming the ambassador of the MY Blackmores Personal Health System, an online system to help people meet their health goals.

Despite a chaotic working schedule and family life Asher radiates health and wellbeing on and off screen. Here, she reveals her secrets to staying healthy and looking and feeling her best year round using the support of My Blackmores Personal Health System.

What does good health mean to you?

For me, good health means having a healthy mind, body and spirit by keeping fit and eating well. To lead the lifestyle I want, striving for a good balance and keeping all areas of my life in check is extremely important.

Why did you become the Ambassador for My Blackmores Personal Health System?

Just getting through the day and managing stress levels can be extremely difficult – this is where My Blackmores can really help. The opportunity to seek health and wellbeing support from a trusted consultant, as well as track my health progression online, allows me to easily manage and maintain my diet, exercise schedule and track my progress from anywhere in the world; I can even use it on my mobile phone!

My Blackmores Personal Health System offers five different programs: Weight, Stress, Detox, Sports and General Wellbeing. Which program do you use?

The free Health Assessment results recommended I opt for the Stress program. Like many Australians, juggling the constant travel, long periods at work and trying to stay healthy and maintain a personal life, can cause my stress levels to get quite high so I knew this program was right for me.


The Stress program helps you find pockets of calm and manage moments of tension during your day. How are you applying the learnings in your working and personal life?

It’s taught me that taking time out for myself is extremely important in ensuring I get through the day with a healthy state of mind and am able to work through moments of tension when they arise. When I’m at home with my horses, I meditate to ground myself. Multi-tasking is a necessity we all have to do, but it does drain us of much needed energy, so it’s important to prioritise and put yourself first for a few minutes every day.

You have obviously hit a peak in your career, bringing with it a hectic schedule and many responsibilities. How can My Blackmores Personal Health System’s online diary help you stay on track?

From the moment I logged on to My Blackmores Personal Health System I became obsessed with the online diary function, and love that it allows me to track my nutrition, wellbeing and exercise easily throughout the day. The depth of information contained within the diary, and what it can instantly tell you about your health, is amazing – I was even able to input a meal I had on the plane the other day and find out the exact nutritional value of what I ate!

This time it’s personal

The Blackmores Personal Health System provides an individually tailored online health program using the latest interactive technology with personal support from Blackmores’ team of naturopaths.

The online tools eliminate the guess work and planning, giving you your own virtual health coach, trainer and nutritionist. And it tracks your progress along the way. Membership pricing and access to 24-hour support starts from $19.95 per month.