Who says size matters?

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Protein to support Performance goals not just pecs!

Blackmores has launched a new sports range of whey protein powders, developed to help everyday active people – not just bodybuilders – get the most out of their training. When used in conjunction with resistance exercise, the protein in the formulations helps develop lean muscle mass and aid quick recovery after training, helping to support your performance goals.

The addition of a unique CoQ10 antioxidant blend with no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives means active people of all abilities can enjoy a protein boost.

“Many people associate protein supplements with images of massive men with bulging biceps and popping veins, but this is far from the truth,” says Blackmores’ naturopath and sports enthusiast, Kate Ferguson. “In fact, protein rich foods in conjunction with resistance exercise can support maintaining a lean body, whether you’re a runner, swimmer or weekend footie player.”

Here, Ferguson gives us the low down on the benefits of using protein powders:

Protein powders are not just for people wanting to build bulky muscles

Protein is an essential nutrient and key building block for our skin, hair and muscle cells. Protein helps to maintain muscle strength while doing resistance training and aid recovery after exercise.


Don’t train in vain – maximise work out results

Training only forms one part of your wellbeing routine. Correct nutrition – at the correct time – is vital to achieving your training and exercise goals. When we exercise the amount of protein we need each day increases and using a protein powder provides a convenient way to consume high quality protein and the amino acids required for muscle growth and recovery. For optimal results, take a protein supplement within a half an hour before or after a workout.

Protein supports weight maintenance

While there is no magical pill to transform your body, getting enough protein can help support maintaining a healthy weight because it helps you feel fuller for longer. A new US study has found that including enough protein in your diet, rather then just cutting back on kilojoules, is the key to controlling appetite and total food consumption1.

Protein is needed by everyone but in different quantities

The amount of protein you need in your diet depends on your weight, age and health. As a rough guide, the recommended dietary intake (RDI) for protein (measured in grams per kilogram of bodyweight) is 0.75g/kg for adult women and 0.84g/kg for adult men2.

Not all protein powders are created equal

There are many different protein powders on the market that boast an array of benefits so look carefully at the ingredients. Go for a formulation that combines good quality protein with nutrients that support your metabolism such as carnitine, choline and tyrosine. Also look for nutrients that will support the increased demands of training such as antioxidants vitamin C, E and CoQ10. Remember to opt for protein powders with no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives.


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